About Zebra

Zebra Rock is not found anywhere else in the world.
A geologic enigma, only small volumes exist.
Kim and Ruth are the sole mining operation for this rare rock type.
There are multiple small deposits suitable for mining and manufacture into items from jewellery to tabletops.
All crafts are created on-site to value add to the rock that is mined.
However one deposit of Zebra Rock is most suited to be left in the ground.
​Kim has begun to polish this spectacular seam of Zebra Rock in the mine and would like to continue to make a feature for all generations to enjoy.

Originally found on Argyle downs in the 70’s

not sedimentary layering but a rhythmic iron pattern

600 million to 1.2 billion years old


Pattern is not flood events

Nurturing, protecting, grounding

element: earth

Zodiac signs: gemini & taurus

number: 4

gives us courage and stamina to be our true selves

Helpful in overcoming depression or anxiety

Types of Patterns

Zebra Rock pattern is unique and extraordinary. A piece of art created by nature and kept by man.

Purple bubbles

Pink and brown Australian Zebra stone is a type of Jasper which was formed 600 million years ago in the Upper Proterozoic era or pre Cambrian period

Geologist have not been able to explain the origin of this rock or how it was formed

Lines and bubbles

the classic stripes

The white with black variety is sometimes called zebra marble and also carries the energies of marble

The red stripes embodying the colours and spirit of outback Australia are coloured by ferric (iron) oxide

Our rarest piece

not sedimentary layering but a rhythmic iron patternD1B593

more than a mine, a family story

When the environmental scientist meets the Bushman

Ruth Duncan, mother and heart of the Mine, is originally from the busy city of Melbourne. She came in 2009 and fell in love with the bush, and a particularly passionate bushman, Kimberley.

Together they built everything that is zebra rock related, and a beautiful campground so people from all around the world can discover it.  

Join us and share zebra rock to the world

Our biggest problem is that Zebra Rock is not quite known yet. This beautiful pattern would not be taken as natural but ‘Fake’ in a big city.


Join us, volunteer and become a member of the Zebra Rock Mine, to protect the Zebra Rock. 

Through education and hands on experience of the mining and processing of Zebra Rock, we hope you are able to share our story, passion and desire to ensure future generations have the same opportunity to be amazed by this natural wonder.