Four days to die

CPC – Consolited Pastoral Company – cattle are bogging and dying right now in Lake Argyle Wetlands right now.

This poor breeder caw has been bogged for days in the Wetlands of Lake Argyle.

This is a CRUEL SLOW DEATH over FOUR days.
She is one of dozens that have bogged and died on the shoreline of the Lake.
Hundreds more will die this way over the next 6 months.

Managers responsible for this cruelty and poor cattle management are
Newry and Argyle pastoral leases:
David Young, Peter Mitchell and General Manager Henry Bourke.
These people call themselves cattlemen ?
True cattlemen do not let cattle bog and die.

Cattle must be immediately mustered and removed from this special RAMSAR Wetlands area.
This region is NOT PASTORAL LEASE, it is CROWN LAND.