Dry year for the Kimberley

It is a dry year in the Kimberley, feed and water resources are limited. It is hard on cattle producers but absolutely life threatening for wildlife. Overgrazing will be a key cause of local wildlife extinctions this year.

The stunning environment of the East Kimberley Wetlands is so little known as it has been locked up behind Pastoral Lease. These wetlands are able to be accessed from Duncan Rd, NT, by the general public under Section 79 and 80 of the NT Pastoral Lands Act. Employees of Consolidated Pastoral Company have begun verbally obstructing public access to this region that you as the general public have the right to access.

Every day with our actions and every dollar we spend, we contribute to the world we leave for future generations, make your actions count today!
Do not let multi-national corporations destroy our wildlife and ecosystems. ​

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